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Cleaning and Exam

Having regular cleanings and exams are paramount to keeping your teeth in great shape for life.  Having these services performed regularly every 6 months should be sufficient to keep your teeth in good shape and detect any potential problems early in their development. During an exam at Bella Vita Dentistry at Glade Parks we also check for oral cancer and other potentially dangerous diseases near your teeth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone? Is it the eyes? The handshake? How about the smile? For 47 percent of people, the first feature noticed is the smile! Your smile says a lot about you before you ever have a chance to say a word, and that can go a long way in creating a good first impression.

Dental Implants

You’re not alone! Millions of Americans are missing one or more teeth all across the country.  Bridges often feel different, dentures can pop out, and so on. Fortunately, people with missing teeth today have a great option called dental implants.

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Family Dentistry

Bella Vita Dentistry was founded by a family man, and family dentistry is what we do best! We provide routine cleanings, dental check-ups, sealants, adult orthodontics, and more. Our practice is built on family values, and we believe that great smiles and confidence are contagious! 

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Brushing Teeth

Preventative Dentistry

The best preventative dentistry occurs at home with routine brushing and flossing . Naturally, a regular cleaning and exam with us will help keep your teeth in good health, and having this done every 6 months or so will allow us to detect incipient dental problems. However, sometimes that’s not enough, and that’s why we offer the following preventative and restorative dentistry services

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Calming Dentistry

Approximately one million Americans suffer from some degree of dental fear or dental anxiety. At Bella Vita Dentistry, one of our core beliefs is that dental care should not be stressful, fear-inducing, or painful. That’s why we provide an atmosphere for calming dentistry.  You should know you are in control.