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Preventative Dentistry


The best preventative dentistry occurs at home with routine brushing (to keep the teeth in good condition) and flossing (to keep the anchoring gums and cartilaginous joints healthy, keeping teeth in the right place). Naturally, a regular cleaning and exam with us will help keep your teeth in good health, and having this done every 6 months or so will allow us to detect incipient dental problems. However, sometimes that’s not enough, and that’s why we offer the following preventative and restorative dentistry services.


With modern technology and a dentist who is experienced in gentle dental work, having a root canal procedure can be simple, efficient, and virtually painless.Dr.Nguyen has received enhanced training on the use of his state-of-the-art laser in treating infected root canals to further his success rate in root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy relieves pain, discomfort, and sensitivity that patients may experience on or near a particular tooth. The problem is usually based around an infection within the nerve of the tooth. Root canals are utilized when there is a lot of sensitivity to temperature, making certain foods painful to eat, when teeth are chipped or broken, or when repeated trauma has been inflicted on the area. During root canal therapy, the nerve is removed from the canal inside the tooth, thus giving the procedure its name. Once the first step happens, a crown is fitted on top to protect the tooth. At Bella Vita Dentistry, our crowns are top of the line porcelain and zirconia, to ensure that you are receiving a crown that is natural in look and feel. Once your crown is placed, you’re done and you can expect to enjoy life a lot more with out all the pain or sensitivity.

We know you have concerns, but rest easy knowing thatDr.Nguyen  leads an experienced and caring staff at Bella Vita Dentistry that has your comfort in mind first and foremost. If you are ever hesitant to go through with any procedure, remember, Bella Vita Dentistry offers calming atmosphere and music to make the process smooth and relaxing! Don’t delay and live the pain any longer! Call today!


A dental crown is a custom-made cap that fits over a tooth that is damaged or decayed. Crowns are made from ceramic (porcelain), precious metals, or zirconia. When a crown is needed, the process will usually take two or three visits. The tooth will be treated and sculptured, and then an impression will be taken of the teeth in order to create both a custom crown and a temporary crown. The temporary crown is placed until the permanent crown is ready. Crowns are used in conjunction with certain other procedures, such as root canal therapy, to restore natural look and feel to teeth.


Almost everyone has had dental caries at some point – that’s the technical term for tooth decay or cavities. Small cavities are most frequently corrected with a filling. A filling is used to restore the structure of the tooth and protect it from damage or infection, most frequently where a cavity may have formed in a tooth. Modern fillings are made of a composite resin material that is tooth-colored and blends seamlessly with your natural tooth. Unsightly and unhealthy silver/mercury fillings are a thing of the past. We want what is best for our patients, and we want you to love your smile. We can also replace old amalgam/metal fillings that contain traces of mercury with our natural looking composite fillings.


Sometimes a tooth is damaged or decayed beyond repair. Even with proper care, sometimes certain teeth will wear faster (sometimes because of bite, eating habits, etc.), and it may become necessary to extract a tooth, removing it from the mouth. This can help prevent infections in the tooth from spreading into the gums, but it does prevent some new problems. Nearby teeth will be more likely to shift towards an open space in one’s teeth, therefore we recommend having some sort of dental restoration. The preferred way to replace missing teeth is dental implants.


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