Relax Dentistry

Approximately one million Americans suffer from some degree of dental fear or dental anxiety. At Bella Vita Dentistry, one of our core beliefs is that dental care should not be stressful, fear-inducing, or painful. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry, or “relax dentistry” as we like to call it.

Patients with mild dental anxiety may benefit from nitrous oxide “laughing gas” sedation. This harmless gas has been used for decades to help people calm down before and during when their treatment occurs. Nitrous begins working immediately and stops working within minutes of treatment’s completion, making it a good option for midday appointments as the sedative effects will not interfere with driving or other activities. Oral conscious sedation utilizes oral sedative medicine to significantly reduce any anxious feelings that you might have about going to the dentist. This does not require needles to administer and is less expensive than IV sedation.

  • It’s very effective for moderate anxiety
  • It’s simple and safe
  • It’s less expensive than IV sedation

Oral conscious sedation is probably what we perform most for most patients. Some patients with extreme dental anxiety require IV sedation, which is designed to put you under almost completely for your procedure. With this, you will experience a heightened state of relaxation and remember little about the procedure afterwards. Your appointment will be like a dream, and you can have year’s worth of work in what feels like just minutes.
Whether you’re anxious about going to the dentist or just too busy for multiple visits, sedation dentistry can be a great solution to getting ALL your dental work done during one visit…comfortably and stress-free.