Dr. Foreman

Joshua Foreman grew up here in North Texas with 4 sisters and a brother in a family with very little extra money for things like ‘going to the dentist.’  That was a ‘luxury’ that wasn’t necessary. Yet, during his youth, he had an experience that changed his life then, and little did he know would change the track of his life forever! Later though, after graduating high school, he entered the US Air Force providing military service and earning money for college.  He then used his training and college education to embark on a career in technology, but it wouldn’t be long before he realized his true passion and he worked to fulfill his dream of becoming a dentist. Dr. Foreman has now been a dentist for more than 10 years, has owned 4 practices, and is now blessed to have designed and built his vision to provide a new type of experience in dentistry – one that combines elegance and comfort with technology and clear results. Bella Vita Dentistry is his flagship practice in a luxurious setting with affordability in mind.